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Catherine Miles is an active member of the Darwin Arts community and is rapidly growing a reputation as a talented new Darwin Artist.


Although better known for her pet portraiture, she now explores a wide rage of subject matter.


She enjoys the exploration of colour and texture to capture the spirit within her subjects.

Catherine is an award-winning artist, who exhibits regularly in small solo, and various group exhibitions cross the Northern Territory.  For the last two years her studio in Rapid Creek has been part of the Darwin Art Trail.  Catherine has works in several private collections across Australia.


There is an abundant array of birdlife that flutter and soar around Catherine’s studio in Darwin’s Northern Suburbs.  Bush Stone-Curlews, Finches, Goshawks and Red Tail Cockatoos to name but a few of her feathery visitors.


This award winning picture is a snapshot of a fleeting moment in time when one of Darwin’s Northern Wanderers, a cheeky Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, leaps into action. ‘Hightail’ combines realism with the loose painterly style of splattered and thrown paint to help emphasise the translucence often associated with quick movement. 

  • vectorstock_39718158 [Converted pink]-01

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