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Tayla Broekman is a Melbourne based visual artist who paints illustrative human and animal characters.

She studied the Diploma of Visual Arts, Diploma of Illustration and the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development. Tayla has exhibited in numerous group shows in Australia and internationally, and has had 3 solo shows since finishing her studies in 2015.

As a studio artist, she primarily uses gouache and acrylic paint, but has been practicing with aerosols on and off over the last few years, making murals a strong part of her current art practice. She has also had time working in sign writing, an experience which informs her personal mural work.

Tayla majoritively paints female characters, and animals, who often reflect her experiences through an emotional narrative. Her concepts work around spiritual connection to oneself, to others and to a higher power, while expressing it with her characters showing strength and weakness. Each painting is a self portrait in some way, whether it be a woman, man or animal.

Tayla’s work is influenced by pop surrealism, manga, and digital illustration. Her background in digital painting is evident in her style, as she uses flat block colours and refined line work. Colour palette is a key feature of each piece too, using bold and contrasting tones to create a striking image.


Tayla's mural looks at the conservation of the natural habitat of the Northern Territory. The snake featured is the White-Bellied mangrove snake, found in the mangroves in the northern areas of Australia. This piece creates a narrative around our connection to animals, and reflects determination to preserve our wildlife and their habitats.

As the girl nurtures the snake close to her, she looks into the distance with determination, and awareness of the importance of the task. The background illustrates the sky and the flat vast landscape in the isolated desert of the Northern Territory.

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