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'Song birds and dance bugs' - WULAGI SHOPPING CENTRE


Caleb Dude is a young, emerging artist born and raised in Darwin and has been practicing professionally from his mid-teens. He uses his adept brush techniques to create large-scale scale murals and intricate canvas paintings. Caleb Dude is inspired by everything around him, from cartoons to renaissance paintings to nature, nothing fails to inspire creative work from the young artist.

Caleb Dude has been involved in a number of past Darwin Street Art Festivals, and is an exciting emerging Top End artist.


The name of this piece is ‘song birds and dance bugs’ which was actually the starting point of the piece, Caleb thought of the name then created a world around these cool words. The interesting thing about the piece is the contrast between the dark blue sky and water with the yellow green glow of the figures.

It fits the journey theme for Caleb in the way that his favourite parts of the journey are the little spots along the way that surprise you and he think Darwin is a lot like that as a city.

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