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Maisy Art

Bronwyn Cleary is an award-winning visual artist, who has been living in the NT for over a decade.
Since 2020, she has been painting under the name of her dog, Maisy.
Her pug muse, her love of everything vintage and the iconic animals and landscapes of the Northern Territory are all inspiration for her work.
Recent large works include a temporary wall mural of a water-buffalo named Sandy, for the Darwin Street Art Festival 2022. This piece was donated to the local Primary School.
Specialising in expressionistic, bright strokes of colour, Bronwyn paints in layers with dripping paint a part of the process. Her work is emotive, vivid and fun.


This mural captures the unlikely friendship between a pet water buffalo, Morton (Morty) and his mate, Fergie; a gentle red cow who has been blind since birth. Morton and Fergie live together on a property outside Katherine. Their story is one of connection and friendship for life, despite all the challenges.

Usually when a tiny red calf is born blind on a cattle station off the Carpentaria Highway, their chances of survival are slim to none. When she was offered to a kind stranger, little did she know she would be driven, in the back of a Hilux, to meet her best friend Morty.

Morty was already a well-loved character onthe Lazzard's property. When he was paired up with the calf, he was less than impressed. He reluctantly began wearing his bell and taught Fergie where to find food and water. Morty and Fergie became very close over time, he would event alert his owners any time Fergie needed help. She lives her best life now and Morton is her biggest fan.

Brownwyn says of this mural "I wanted to paint a friendship that reflects perserverence, strength and joy. I have painted Morty and Fergie in a bright expressionistic style to show their unique and quirky existence. The blue background could almost be water, as they wade through life's ups and downs together. I have kept to my style of layering random strokes of color and dripping paint hapharzardly. In this mural I reflect on Nietzsche's words 'Love is blind, friendship closes it's eyes'"

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Location of mural: Laneway off Phoenix Street, Nightcliff Village, rear side wall of Nightcliff Post Office

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