Catherine Miles was born in Albany, Western Australia and she moved to Darwin in 2006. Catherine is now an active member of Darwin’s Art community and has rapidly grown a reputation as a talented fine artist. Although better known for her pet portraiture, she now explores a wide range of subject matter, mediums and artistic fields. Including designing fabric for Archer & I ‘s exclusive designer range of children’s clothing. At present she enjoys the use of mild colour and textural distortions, while retaining reality and capturing the true spirit within her subjects.


About the Artwork

Julio and Paulie are Territory Icons who used to be regularly seen riding together along Nightcliff’s foreshore on most afternoons. This painting won an award in the 2021 Seabreeze Festival and upon posting, it went viral. Sadly Paulie passed this year and the community was devastated so I thought that enlarging this painting on a wall in Nightcliff would make a beautiful tribute to Nightcliff’s much loved Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.