Cindy May is a colourful artist who finds inspiration from personal experiences, word play and Children's literature. She likes to playfully push the boundaries with reality and share the joy of having a different perspective on everyday things such as watermelons.

She specialises in drawing and illustrating therefore, The Darwin Street Art Festival was a great opportunity to enlarge her designs and also develop her artistic talent. She looks forward to bringing to life more large-scale versions of her rather small artworks.


About the Artwork

The Wattle Heart is a contemporary piece of one of the Northern Territory’s most resilient Australian Native Plants, the Wattle. Hiding in the depths of a Wattle is an understated beauty and strength. The Wattle is one of the first plant species to regrow after devastation paving the way for rejuvenation for its surroundings. They often need the heat or smoke from a fire to germinate their seeds. This artwork celebrates the journey of a Wattle when impacted by bushfire, cyclone or human destruction and is representative of adaptability and courage.