CITYLIFE Platform Lightbox Series

The CITYLIFE Platform is a City of Darwin program that works with local creatives as curators to deliver exhibitions every 6 months. Artworks are displayed 24 hours a day, seven days a week across 8 illuminated light boxes that 10 host artworks across the city and located in The Mall, Dragonfly Carpark (Chinatown) and at Nightcliff Pool. 

Proper Creative will work with 10 incredibly talented local artists who have been involved with DSAF in the past, in the present (2022 DSAF), and who we hope to work with in the future. ​

Find out more about the CITYLIFE Lightbox Platform Series HERE

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DANI Heilbronn

I'm Dani, I'm a local illustrator, animator, director, and cloud appreciator. I've been making pretty lines since I was a kid as well as singing and acting in plays, mostly I just want an excuse to create and have fun with people before this planet gets invaded by aliens or whatever. 

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