Marita Albers is a local artist who has been exhibiting her paintings for almost twenty years, beginning in Darwin not long after she first moved to the Territory. She has worked in a range of mediums, and on numerous projects and collaborations. Marita is primarily known for her vivid paintings, which show a complete addiction to colour. In a former life, Marita studied ancient history and theology; these studies did not lead to a related career, funnily enough, however they do sometimes influence the stories in her paintings. This is her first time taking part in the Darwin Street Art Festival. 


About the Artwork

I chose a colourful imagined cityscape to paint to tie in with the theme 'journeys' - the city in this mural could be placed in many locations around the world, not identifying with any one country in particular. However, because it is painted on the wall of Crocosaurus Cove, it is also a city entirely populated by crocodiles.