Marnie Jay is a Territory girl who ventured to the big smoke of Sydney to get a degree in design and illustration. She currently paints in her rural studio 2-3 days a week and has a part time shop at Coolalinga Central four days a week. “Sometimes I wish I could dive into my paintings and stay for a while...if not forever. I imagine it is quiet there, apart from the sounds of nature, quirky bird calls and hauntingly beautiful dingo howls.” 


About the Artwork

My dingo journey began with a six month old girl cub called Kira. Seven years we hung out. I noticed little things about her that were different from dogs, but it wasn’t until I became involved with The Australian Dingo Foundation that I learnt they are actually an entirely different species. Here are just a few cool facts:


  • Dingoes are Australia’s top apex land predator

  • They are believed to have arrived about 10,000 years ago from Papua New Guinea

  • There are 3 types - Tropical, Desert & Alpine

  • They are crucial to the preservation of Australia’s ecological stability 

  • Their head is the biggest part of their body

  • Their tracks are single file

  • They can rotate their feet like a 4wd on tough terrain

  • They have “Opera House” ears that rotate to catch maximum sound

  • They can hear a heartbeat from 25m away

  • Their whiskers can detect insect vibrations underground (which they eat)

  • They mate for life

  • They have ‘cubs’ rather than puppies

  • They howl rather than bark