Shilo McNamee is a musician, visual artist and emerging curator based in Darwin. Shilo earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Charles Darwin University in 2008 and has since been an active participant in the Darwin arts community. As a visual artist, McNamee’s work is based in graphic art, and illustration. Shilo also regularly instructs classes on figure drawing, and painting.

Roxanne has been practising art from a young age. Her favoured medium to work with at present is Acrylic. However, she still feels most comfortable returning to her sketchbook and working on designs at a smaller scale in coloured pencil/pen. This collaborative piece will be the largest scale design she's worked on to date!


About the Artwork

Intergalactic Fantastic!

Skating sideways through time, on an electric rainbow line to your zodiac sign! 

(Electric line used with respect to Hawkwind and their Silver Machine!)