My name is Taylor Smith. I am born here in Darwin where I grew up spending as much time as I could trying to be creative from a young age. Whether it was drawing and writing my own comics after school or skateboarding all day with friends, to making music and painting street art. I quickly found I had many passions in creative arts - most of which I still pursue in some degree to this day. My main focus nowadays is on my art work. 

Coming from an extensive background in street art and graffiti I learned to apply those techniques to murals. I love creating something for someone else - especially the public. To me it’s like leaving a little piece of yourself within that piece for someone to find and create or interpret for their own meaning. Art is for everyone to enjoy, I just hope people get a little enjoyment out of mine.


About the Artwork

When researching the city of Darwin online for the Street Art Festival, one subject kept coming back: ‘crocodiles’. With my mural I wanted to capture people’s eyes and attention when walking through our beautiful city about their normal business amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy Darwin CBD, to try and remind them if only for those few seconds that they may gaze upon my work of a dream.

For when they see it on walking on their commute. 

I want people to feel a sense of inspiration or maybe even that nostalgic feeling you get from a dream as you wake up and get back into reality. I have used traditional graffiti lettering spelling out the text “DREAM” . Accompanied by smokey textures with vibrant coloured clouds and light streams emanating from a portrait of a person who is deep in thought to emulate and try and capture that feeling of dream state in an image.