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'Wild and Free' - WEST LANE


Loretta Lizzio, currently a Melbourne-based artist, uses a masterful mix of mediums in her exploration of nature and romance. From oil paints to gold leaf, Loretta utilises the power of nostalgia to fuel her inspiration.


From old folklore to childhood memories, Loretta’s art transcends her own feelings of wander and has found itself all over the world.


The Northern Territory is home to Australia’s largest population of wild horses, or brumbies. A tangible link to the rich heritage of the Territory’s stockmen and station life. Loretta, with help from local artist Shilo McNamee, was inspired by their symbolism of power and freedom. She remembers her love and appreciation for their beauty, having grown up on a sugarcane farm in Queensland, where she would jump on the backs of her neighbour’s horses – although she is especially drawn to the power of those in the wild.

Loretta understands the strong and abundant connections between horses and the people of Darwin, understanding that many of them have experience with owning horses. “I’ve always wanted to paint a horse. I was aiming for quite a romantic piece”.

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