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Tom Gerrard is a Melbourne-based artist who focuses primarily on using minimal colour palettes and simplified shapes to create his globally recognisable street art style. The elements of each respective mural is based on people and places that have inspired him throughout his travels, with his iconic Mullet-man as the only consistent motif. 


Tom’s progression in art began in the streets. His passion of finding the geometry that shapes a city was the sole source of inspiration for his pieces, spending eight years travelling the world and absorbing inspiration wherever he went.

He now resides in Melbourne where his subject matter focuses on Australian life, suburban life and natural surroundings.



Tom worked with local artists David Collins and Les Huddleston to explore the striking angle and silhouettes of some of the Top End’s most iconic natural and built structures – the Town Hall ruins, a banyan tree, a chair resting lazily beneath a palm tree, an elevated house, a water tower and a termite mound.


Tom’s distinctive minimalist colour palette consisting of red, black and white, represent a time in which he was living amongst developing communities and his daily drawings and art were the result of very scarce resources, including art material.

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'Darwin' - AUSTIN LANE

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