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'Gurrumul' - AUSTIN LANE


With a deep curiosity for the natural world, Andrew Bourke’s work is inspired by the energy and beauty that is found within nature.

“Since I was a child, I have found myself curious of the natural world... Drawn to the smallest of details, I look to find the space in-between.” 

This passion for detail is seen in Bourke’s finely observed graphic work, and his deft use of colour. Having refined his craft over many years as an urban artist, Bourke moves between the mediums of aerosol, house paint, charcoal and acrylics with considerable skill. His work is distinctive for it’s rich and vibrant colour, technically accurate, fast, free-flowing line, and ambition of scale.


Bourke’s mural work can be seen around the streets of his hometown Melbourne, and throughout much of the country thanks to his extensive travels in search of inspiration. 

Bourke has previously exhibited in Melbourne's NGV Studio Space and is now excited to be producing art primarily in a contemporary art context.

Jesse Bell is a local Darwin artist who grew up by the Adelaide River. He has Maori Heritage and spent time living in New Zealand where he first developed a passion for painting through work opportunities with local artists. 


Moving back to Darwin as a young adult, he continued to develop his painting skills in the graffiti scene. He was quickly recognised for his talent in painting realism, gaining a substantial amount of commissions for his work. Specialising in animals and portraiture, he now works full-time as a street artist and signwriter.


When Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu passed in July 2017 it was a great loss to music lovers world wide and the close knit Territory community.


With blessings from his family, Andrew and Jesse have immortalised his image as a beautiful artwork. The background is made up of lyrics from some of his iconic songs.

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