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'The Multidimensional Man' - AUSTIN LANE


PETER 'CTO' SEATON is a Melbourne based, Urban Contempoary artist. Studying fine Art Whitecliffe college of art and design, with a comprehensive understanding of the gallery space, Peter felt he wanted to make his art available to the general public.


This wave of thinking coincides with the rise of what some would coin the biggest art movement in history: Street Art.


Peter's work is a pursuit to expose the intangible aspects of the human condition. Peter has worked around Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Thailand. You can find his work prominently popping up around the inner city suburbs of Melbourne.


The colonisation of aboriginal people has forced them to adapt their culture to a different way of living. They have been introduced to many different modalities and technologies yet this exchange seems to be one-sided. Their understanding of the land and the connection to spirit realms beyond the physical or third dimension is something that is easily overlooked and palmed off as ‘wu-wu’.


In the field of quantum mechanics, scientists are beginning to understand that molecules are interacting with the space-time continuum in strangest of ways. Appearing in and out existence almost as though they just entered in from another dimension. In Geometry the tesseract is the four-dimensional extension of the Cube.


The tesseract is to the cube as the cube it to the square. The artist is posing the question here that the aboriginal societies and their understanding and way of living is a more multi-dimensional understanding of our connection to the earth, water skies and beyond.


Our ‘Civilised’ western culture, with all the advances in our sciences and tech, have overlooked the understanding that Aboriginal cultures have embodied for thousands of years - The Multidimensional connection to Country, Spirit and all of creation.


This is a portrait of Hilton Garnarradj - Grandson of Jacob Nayinggul & a Gunbalanya resident.

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