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'The Gulumoerrgin' - WEST LANE


Jason Lee is a self taught artists who was born and raised in Darwin, Northern Territory.


Having grown up next to saltwater and learning his Gulumerrdjin (Larrakia) culture from his mother, Uncles, Aunties and brothers and sisters this sparked an interest in art and this interest was cultivated during his teenage years and further developed when he started learning the Larrakia language. Jason’s artistic influences come from his Larrakia ancestry and the Larrakia Language and cultural practices.

His art is a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. Jason has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through art.


The Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) seasonal calendar is divided into seven main seasons:

• Balnba (rainy season) - November to December - long bums, black plum and bush potatoes.

• Dalay (monsoon season) - January to March - crocodile laying eggs and big red apple fruiting.

• Mayilema - March to April - dragonflies and bush cherry.

• Damibila (Barramundi and bush fruit time) - April to June - black cockatoo and bush peanut.

• Dinidjanggama (heavy dew time) - June to August - dugong and water Lillie’s.

• Gurrulwa (big wind time) - July to September - stingray and yellow kapok.

• Dalirrgang (build-up) - September to October - flying fox, cocky apple and cycad nuts.

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