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Christian Vine is a 26 year old Melbourne based artist who studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Melbourne’s RMIT University. He now works with creative mural agency Apparition Media and paints freelance murals and illustrations around Australia.


His rich practice in illustration clearly defines itself through aesthetic balance and articulate figure study. Recent shows include ‘GONZO’ solo show at OffTheKerb gallery in February, ‘Cosmic Visions’ group show at the Peanut Gallery in Adelaide, Rainbow Serpent Festival street art section for 2017-18, Tanglewood Festival live wall paint 2017-18, Offthekerb’s 8th birthday show ‘Arcadia’, The Merri Creek Studio show, ‘AHHHH Space’ part of the Darebin ‘True North Festival’, ‘Achromatopsia’ a comic anthology and wall launch at The Good Copy in Collingwood and many more.


Christian’s work has contributed to charity through live painting and auctioning his work through organizations like Insight Mindfulness Education in Hobart, Worlds Greatest Shave, Sacred Heart Mission and Children’s cancer foundation Australia. Christian Vine’s explorations through art define sexuality, morality, physicality, psychology and worldly issues that juxtapose with the human as an animal in the moments of what we call functional or dysfunctional living.​​


The Northern Territory is home to some of Australia’s most brutal and beautiful life forms. These subjects reflect the landscape that they inhabit, playing a part in the raw atmosphere, contrasting the harshness with the beauty of the environment.


Together the symbiotic relationship of humans, plants and animals in the Northern Territory create an awe-inspiring story. The goal is to reflect the contradiction of harshness and beauty juxtaposing them throughout the artwork.

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