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Headspace Youth Project - AUSTIN LANE


Ready to explore and reflect, Hannah painted her first community mural almost 8 years ago now.


Looking to create works that inspire her audience, working with Headspace in Casuarina has been an absolute dream. Getting to share the relief that is art is something that she is very passionate about. Vibrant colours and references to nature will often be found in Hannah’s work. The rest of the group is made up of various talents and skill sets. All of whom reside and create around Darwin.


This work was designed and created by Hannah and one of the youth groups she works with at 'Headspace'.

They were eager to create something that reminded them of their resilience and will hopefully bring comfort to the viewer. Using bright colours you will be able to see the character of Darwin on the wall. All of the pieces they have created previously were painted to match the themes of rooms inside Headspace. Their group was excited for this challenge and opportunity.

This mural is also made up of elements that represent each of the artists involved in painting.

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View this artwork on Google Street View

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