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'Rukus' - WEST LANE


Emerging contemporary artist, both living and working in Darwin, NT. Having developed a fan base both in Australia and internationally early in his career, Jimmy has shown unrelenting drive towards bringing his creations to life. 

Using a combination of bright colours and his unique characters, Jimmy has endeavoured to consistently raise the bar as his career progresses. Both adopting techniques and adapting his style without conforming to what is often considered “the norm”.


“Rukus” – The buffalo skull, as iconic to Northern Territory symbolism as a particular brand of iced coffee, brought to life with Jimmy B4mble’s distinct use of colour and style. Taking inspiration from an actual buffalo skull painted by the artist in 2018.

This artwork represents the strength of the Territory in all of it’s multifaceted glory.

“Let my art kick you in the face” – Jimmy B4mble.

  • vectorstock_39718158 [Converted pink]-01

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