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'Crocodile' - AUSTIN LANE


Vexx is a young and ambitious artist from Belgium. His striking art style incorporates his signature colorful ‘doodles’, occasionally accompanied by  realistic drawings. There’s more depth to his work than first meets the eye.

He started developing his own style and sharing it online at the age of 16 (he is 21 now). Over the past five years, he has garnered a massive audience and has become one of the most recognized artists on social media. 
His social reach exceeds 2M.

On his YouTube channel you’ll find entertaining videos that share the progress of each artwork Vexx makes. On Instagram he shares behind-the-scenes pictures and showcases the final artwork.

Vexx focuses on working on personal art projects, but sometimes also works with a select few like-minded brands.

He has previously worked with clients like Samsung, Mazda, Red Bull, Perrier, Fanta, and Somersby.


When researching the city of Darwin online for the Street Art Festival, one subject kept coming back: ‘crocodiles’.

Drawing dangerous animals is Vexx’s specialty, so he decided to stick to this subject and put his own twist to the deadly animal. 

  • vectorstock_39718158 [Converted pink]-01

View this artwork on Google Street View

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