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'Azure Kingfisher' - PEEL STREET


Jordan ‘PABS’ Conrad is in love with paint. He is a mural artist and all round deadly bloke.


He is known as being a gun for hire for large scale commercial mural projects, as well as a street artist creating solo and collaborative work for Darwin Street Arts Festival and City of Darwin’s Art to Street Project. He has worked in regional and remote NT alongside community groups and young people to create unique local pieces that hold pride of place in communities.

He is inspired by epic spaces and always looking to continue to develop his style and take on bold new challenges. 


Jordan has painted the azure kingfisher or the (Alcedo azurea). in recent times they have repeatedly been coming into his life one way or another.

This little bird manages to live in the harsh territory environment as well as the cool of Tasmania showing to me how strong, adaptable and resilient it is. Perched in front of the birds of paradise plant I see the fond connections between flora and fauna of the top end.

  • vectorstock_39718158 [Converted pink]-01

View this artwork on Google Street View

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