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Pennyrose Wiggins is an artist, sculptor, designer and New Zealander, originally from Haumoana, a small beachfront township in the Hawke’s Bay region. She is presently living and practicing in Darwin.

Currently, she is interested in painting observations of the Northern Territory. A region she has enjoyed for nearly seven years. Its wildlife, plants and variations of skyscape and landscape that come with its seasonal changes.


The Top End is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is unique for its expansive and varying eco-systems from desert to savannah woodlands, sandstone plateau to wetlands, harbour to mangrove lined creeks and monsoon forests. It also welcomes unique weather patterns - a perfect combination to nurture diverse migratory and endemic bird species. 

Pennyrose’s vision for the piece is of lofty, high cumulus build-up clouds, looming eerily in their disquiet. Humidity. Drama. Distant rumbles. All signs to indicate that an afternoon storm is imminent. Top End birds populate the skies in anticipation of the big rains to arrive and replenish the rivers, floodplains and billabongs.

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