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Amelia Luscombe and Jocelyn Tribe are two friends who both studied Printmaking and started out their friendship feeling very inspired by the legacy of prints and works on paper in the Northern Territory while working at Nomad Art Gallery in 2017.


Ever since, the duo have been cultivating a collaborative practice together and have exhibited in a variety of spaces.


They now call themselves PRESSplay in reference to the playful nature of their art making processes, especially if they have access to a press!


BIJAK is an Indonesian word that translates to "wisdom" which also connects the work to the name of the business that operates out of the site.

The checkered pattern relates to the traditional Baliense textile Poleng, while the rubies and the use of anthropomorphism in the work references a Balinese tooth filing ritual called Metatah which is relevant to the dental practice where the mural is located. The rubies are also seen being held in a feminine hand that is colourful but also strong as a reference to women having power.

The young professional duck and the sad sun are contemplating climate change.


When we consider themes, we are thinking of the connections across cultures, how they can learn from one another to access resilience.

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