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'Patchwork' - PARAP VILLAGE


Beginning with the street as his canvas and inspired by the works of Basquiat, KAWS, Banksy and the Saturday morning cartoons of his youth, Jimmy Bamble is a contemporary painter specialising in biting social commentary portrayed in a Technicolor dreamscape. 

Struggling as a youth to find a place to grow his creative talents and alienated from the traditional school curriculum, B4MBLE started to develop his vision and technique independently in his teens, learning from any resource he could get his hands on - including the street artists of Darwin. 

His paintings combine vivid colours, pop culture references, familiar street art tropes and an original cast of characters to navigate the complexities of joy, family, heartbreak, optimism, loneliness and life with a dark and complex undertone. B4MBLE’s ultimate mission is to subvert the well-mannered shade of ‘blah’ we are pressured into conforming to and invite the viewer into a kaleidoscopic world of possibility and unflinching truth. 

Jimmy’s universe is populated by working class robots, confused vampires and politically apathetic cats with the occasional nod to the unique lifestyle of the Northern Territory. Keen eyes will spot references to neon sunsets, roaming buffalo and the steamy underside of life at the Top End. Bamble is a regular exhibitor including at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin Street Art Festival and Darwin Visual Arts Association. 

In addition to creating new works he is an enthusiastic advocate for the arts, helping new collectors grapple with the art world through his online gallery. Bringing his practice full circle, he is now an active mentor to young people through his workshops, passing on knowledge and supporting the next generation of bright young creatives.


The patchwork of this piece represents the building blocks of Parap. The greyscale being the grit and hard work of the past and the colours, what it's become today. Featuring one of my b4mblebear characters donning a basquiat-esque crown and a stomach tattoo "repping his set" this piece encompasses Parap to me growing up as a Darwin boy and some of the memories it holds.

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