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'Destruction of Introduction' by Trent 'Bundirrik' Lee

Trent is a Larrakia man through his Father and is part of the large Cubillo family.
He was about 7 or 8 when he was taught to by his father to paint in the traditional method, he was also influenced by other family members. As his skill level progressed and improved (from about the age or 10-12) he was taught how to carve and make cultural artefacts and tools: spears, boomerangs and other carvings like birds, turtles and stingrays. Some of Trent’s spears and other artefacts sit in the Governor General's offices, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s office.

Trent is continually painting art works on canvas, Surfboards, carvings, footballs, records and Artefacts. He is also a spray paint artist and has been using this medium for the last five years. He has been involved in the Darwin street art for two years and has painted multiple murals at various schools and businesses in the Darwin and Palmerston area, including the the largest Palmerston’s Recreation centre which spanned 36 meters long by 12 meters high.


My mural is about the rapid loss of these incredible animals (water monitor and frilled-neck lizard) due to the introduction of cane toads. I have fond memories of being chased as kids in the school yard by the frilly and being frightened by the water monitors swimming across from one side of Howard Springs towards us to get to the other side. I'm paying my respects to them and their importance in the circle of life.

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Mural location: West Lane

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