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'Goldfish Soda' by Caleb Dude

Caleb Dude is an artist born and raised in the Northern Territory. He creates bold, captivating murals and fun, bizarre canvas paintings. He draws inspiration from cartoons, comics, ads and pop-culture to create artworks full of personality and feeling. Caleb Dude invites you to immerse yourself in his world of creativity and follow along with his artistic journey!


Goldfish Soda is a fake advertisement for a product of the same name printed in a contemporary pop-art style while having stylistic similarities to retro ads from the 50's.

Like other products in Caleb Dude's body of work, Goldfish Soda is enigmatic and doesn't seem optimised as a product. Are you supposed to keep the fish? Eat the fish separately? Drink itlike bubble tea? Do I want to drink it or am I disgusted by it?

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Mural Location: Rear wall of Damaso Place, Woolner, facing Stuart Highway near overpass.

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