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DREZ is a Melbourne-based artist who shifts the perception of public space through his exploration of colour. Using urban structures as his canvas, DREZ responds with colour gradients, following the form of the locations, subverting these structures to create immersive spaces of colour.

He creates work that extends from paintings, to architecturally scaled murals and sculptural installations. Through his use of colour and form, DREZ references Modernism and Op-Art, connecting well known contemporary art practices with public graffiti. DREZ creates an intersection between abstract art and public space in a direct reflection of his upbringing through graffiti and his movement towards more experimental, immersive works. He focuses on colour to evoke an emotive, felt experience that is deeply personal to the viewer, allowing one to guide themselves on a journey of understanding as they physically experience his work. Drawing from his rich musical history, DREZ approaches this work with a harmonic approach, creating a platform for an experience that is to be felt, not simply viewed.


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Mural Location: 1 Shepherd St, Darwin City

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