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Jaycob Campbell, also known as Gonketa, is an artist based in Wadawurrung (Geelong). His art is characterized by the use of bold and vibrant colors, as well as intricate linework. He draws inspiration from various contemporary styles, including graphic novels, science fiction, and street art. Jaycob, who was born deaf, communicates primarily through Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Consequently, he continually explores the complexity of hands, encompassing their shape, form, and their role in sign languages and common hand gestures. Jaycob employs a range of techniques in his work, such as spray paint, enamel paint on canvas, digital art, and mural painting on both interior and exterior building walls. Through his art, he strives to empower the deaf community and promote awareness of the richness and intricacy of sign languages. Jaycob has participated in numerous art festivals and exhibitions, including the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Flow Festival Australia, and City of Melbourne's Flash Forward.


Gonketa (Jaycob Campbell) describes this artwork as a mass of hands in Auslan signs, exploding from a pair of shoulders — giving viewers a glimpse into his mind.

"My first language is Auslan, it's not English. I want to show my thinking, and bring my mind out for you all to see, so you can see my thoughts."

People have been curious about the mural, looking at their own hands in an interesting way, thinking 'maybe I can use my hands to sign as well".

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Mural Location: Nightcliff Village, off Phoenix Street

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