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Mary Franklin

Melbourne born, Darwin-based artist that came to Darwin for 6 months 5 years ago. I'm constantly inspired by the vivid natural landscapes and extraordinary characters. My purpose in life is to create, and I'm happy every minute I'm able to. "I can't wait to share my art with the residents and tourists of Darwin, and hope it fills you with the same joy it does for me."


"As someone who was born in Melbourne but found myseelf lured by the subtle beauty and true freedom of Darwin and the Northern Territory, I wanted to represent a lot of the imagery and icons that I believe represent this magical place. The centre of my piece being the crocodile; as this prehistoric reptilian not only serves as an icon of the NT and totem of the Larrakia people, it is creature of unchanged evolution. I find Darwin also holds this philosophy, as it's locals hold dearly to the nature of this town, unchanged. Spiraling outwards are representations of different parts of the community and the daily life, to be recognisable to locals and tourists alike, as all share in what this place has to offer"

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Mural Location: Searcy st, Darwin City, back wall of Elders Real Estate

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