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Maxi Gig

Maxine Gigliotti, is a muralist and painter currently living on Phillip Island. Growing up surrounded by the Australian bush she derives most of her inspiration from its beauty. In her art work Maxine explores themes of environmental conservation, whilst celebrating the strength and resilience of our natural environment. She loves using bright vivid colours and movement to bring the sense of celebration to the work.
In 2022 Maxine had her first joint exhibition in Melbourne, exhibiting a 15 piece collection celebrating Australian moths.
She has painted large scale murals in Australian street art festivals including, Frankston big Picture Fest-2021 and the Moe Street Art Festival-2022. As well as participating in the Yarram Chalk Art Festival-2023.
Maxine’s dream is to paint as many public mural pieces as she can, collaborating with communities and spreading the joy of art to as many people and places as possible.


What do we imagine when we play? What words to we transport ourselves to? Our imaginations as children can be a magical place.

As we grow up it can be harder to have these moments of play, but at night when we dream we can often find ourselves in new worlds again.

At night this mural will transport us to a world inspired by the waterways that spread across the incredible Kakadu National Park. Featuring the Al-Makkawarri (Fork-tailed catfish), as well as other native flora and fauna that reside within those waterways.

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Location of Mural: Ramirez Rd, Stuart Park, rear wall of Songlines Gallery

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