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Mayonaize (Mayo) moved to Melbourne from New Zealand in 2001. Working frenetically, he quickly established himself within the city’s burgeoning graffiti scene. Over time, he gradually refined his style, paring it back to the bare bones of its current form.",

As both a street artist and as a highly sought-after tattoo artist - with each practice informing the other, and through the refinement of his style - Mayo has created his unique interpretation of calligraphy on the skin, on canvas, and in urban environments.",

Swift, precise, and with almost bio-mechanical movements, his spontaneous approach creates a palpable energy. Mayo’s public works can be seen around Australia and in many overseas locations.


This is the first mural be painted on The Esplanade in Darwin, helping DSAF reach the milestone of having a mural of every major street of Darwin.

Mayonaize says about his work "I selected some lyrics from a favourite song to put up there: 'positive energy activates constant elevation' "

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Mural Location: 78 The Esplanade

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