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Taylor Smith

My name is Taylor Smith.
I am born and raised here in Darwin where I grew up spending as much time as I could trying to be creative from a young age. Whether it was drawing all the time, skating, writing my own comics and stories, making music or painting street art.
I quickly found out that I had many passions in creative arts - most of which I still pursue to the best of my abilities to this day.
My main focus now is my visual art work / murals.
Coming from an extensive background in street art and graffiti, I learned to apply those techniques to my style of murals which isbasically a mix of grafiti inspired surrealism.
I love creating art for someone else - especially the public. To me it's kind of like leaving a little piece of yourself within that piece art.
I love when people find a way to create or interpret their own meaning from it or just appreciateit for what it is.
Art is for everyone to enjoy, I just hope people get a little enjoyment out of mine.


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Mural Location: Bradshaws Rd, Casuarina

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