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'Saltwater Crocodile' - SMITH STREET MALL


Anton Pulvirenti is a man of many talents – drawing, painting, 3D illusions, murals, live art, cartoons, visual minutes and conducting workshops are just a few of his skills in addition to being a Doctor of Philosophy (Sydney University).

Since 2006 Anton has been taking his art to the streets producing 3D illusions and running workshops. Anton’s talent won him the title of ‘Champion Pavement Artist’ at Chalk Urban Art Festival in Sydney.


This is a 3D chalk piece made by pavement artist Anton Pulvirenti. The ‘paint’ is made using crushed up chalk and mixed with water and hairspray. It will be made over two days.

It is meant to be viewed from one point and works better when seen through a camera. Take a picture from the correct viewing point indicated on the ground. You can stand next to the crocodile on the left and also on the tip of its upper jaw at the back of the piece.

  • vectorstock_39718158 [Converted pink]-01
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