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'Dance of the Dragonfly' by Jason Lee

Jason Lee is a self taught artist who was born and raised in Darwin, Northern Territory.
Having grown up next to saltwater and learning his Gulumerrdjin (Larrakia) culture from his mother, Uncles, Aunties, brothers and sisters sparked an interest in art. This interest was cultivated during his teenage years and further developed when he started learning the Larrakia language. Jason’s artistic influences come from his Larrakia ancestry and the Larrakia Language and cultural practices.
His art is a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. Jason has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through art.


At the end of Mayelima - April, (Speargrass, goose egg and knock ‘em down season), the Bidjipidji’s (Dragonflies) dance across the land to signal the beginning of Damibila (Barramundi) season when the cold winds arrive.

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Mural Location: Chapel Lane, side wall of Hilton Darwin, Darwin City

'Dance of the Dragonfly' by Jason Lee
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