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'Sanctum' by Andrew Bourke and Jesse Bell

Hailing from a Māori heritage, Jesse developed his passion for painting in his younger years whilst living in New Zealand. This is where his first commissioned art opportunities arrived early on in the form of creative sign-writing and small mural works. Once moving to Australia, Jesse spent time growing up alongside the
Adelaide River where he was able to draw on his passion for nature, heavily inspired by the natural world and the local environment. Moving into Darwin as a young adult, he continued to develop his creative skills through the local graffiti and street-art scene. Jesse was quickly recognised for his talent in painting
realism, gaining many incredible work opportunities over the years, he is now considered one of the Northern Territory's leading street and mural artists.

With an unwavering love and curiosity for the natural world, Andrew Bourke’s work encapsulates the raw energy and beauty that is found within nature. “Since I was a child, I have found myself drawn to the smallest of details, always looking to find the space’s in-between.”
This is largely reflected through Bourke’s attention to detail and continues to be a defining element within his works, both photographic and contemporary in painting. Having developed his skill set as a graffiti artist, mediums such as aerosols, house paints, charcoal and acrylics flow with ease and are gracefully
employed throughout much of his artwork.
Bourke enjoys the use of rich vibrant colours and the spontaneity of fast, free flowing line work that compliment his precise attention to detail earning him his signature style.
Having begun his painting career throughout the mid 90’s, and heavily inspired by the ‘subway art’ movement that rose up from the New York underground some 20 years earlier, Bourke was instantly drawn to the medium of aerosol paints and the ability to create works on a larger scale. Over the following two decades Andrew’s practice as an urban artist has led him to become internationally renowned through the works of his alias: ‘Sirum One’, now highly regarded as one of Australia’s most influential graffiti artists.

The art of graffiti is a space in which Bourke can draw inspiration from all his passions, whether it be comic illustration and popular culture through to architecture and design or simply to be inspired by the natural world, these combined influences often lead to progressive contemporary works of art.
“Graffiti has a symbiotic relationship with all my other creative endeavors. My personal and individual style has been earned throughout the past 20 years of painting the streets of Melbourne. A style that transcends across all other areas of my work.
Graffiti art is such a pure form of creative expression, there are no boundaries except only those envisioned by the mind.”


Jesse Bell and Andrew J Bourke teamed up once again to produce the third and final instalment of the greyscale mural series situated on the side of the Metro apartments in Darwin's CBD.

Their work will follow on from the amazing efforts of CTO-Art and Sofles from the festival's previous years, continuing on the theme of paying tribute to both Top End nature and local culture.

This year Jesse and Andrew's concept will be fusing together elements inspired by nature both adored and sacred in their being. Totemic ideals, forged through time, delivered as a celebration for their love of

the wild; a true sanctum to our northern Mother Nature.

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'Sanctum' by Andrew Bourke and Jesse Bell
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