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'Stay Grounded' by Kitt Bennett

We view our lives at zero distance. observing our own personal experience from behind our face looking out. This makes us feel separate from the rest of the world. But when we zoom out and change our point of view we can see that we are parts of a universe.

Coming from a strong illustration background Kitt works primarily as a large-scale muralist creating some of the biggest and most innovative murals in Australia. Kitt has designed and executed work for silos, walls, floors, skateparks and wharfs and finds every part of the process an important piece of the big picture. In his studio Kitt also explores his passion for traditional painting and drawing techniques.

The challenges inherent in the creative process excite and drive Kitt to push the limits in his practice. His work often leaves viewers questioning how he has managed to create proportions and anatomy on such a large scale.

Kitt’s exploration of ground and floor painting invites the audience to view his work from a new perspective. Images captured from high above show his large-scale paintings sitting amongst the tiny buildings that once seemed so tall.
The technological advances in observing our earth inspire Kitt to explore new and emerging ways to view art as well as encouraging his audiences to shift their perspective and question the true size of our experience.

There is a certain mystery behind Kitt's art that captures people's attention and leaves them questioning the true size of their experience.


This large-scale ground mural was painted on a 1,500 square meter abandoned lot.

The final image of the mural will shows a giant figure relaxing in the sun, not separate from the surroundings but one with the landscape.

Starting with the bones Kitt painted the usually unseen anatomy in layers until the final figure was revealed. Documenting the entire process with drone and aerial imagery, Kitt also created a video animation and series of photographs presenting the final piece.

The painting aims to be a positive reminder to truly engage with our experience while we are here. To Be present, Have fun and holiday when we can.

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Mural Location: Corner of Daly and McMinn Streets, Darwin City

'Stay Grounded' by Kitt Bennett
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