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'Tree of Life' by Marita Albers

Marita Albers is a local artist who has been exhibiting her paintings for almost twenty years, beginning in Darwin not long after she first moved to the Territory. She has worked in a range of mediums, and on numerous projects and collaborations.
Marita is primarily known for her vivid paintings, which show a complete addiction to colour. In a former life, Marita studied ancient history and theology; these studies did not lead to a related career, funnily enough, however they do sometimes influence the stories in her paintings.


Marita wanted to paint a huge blossoming plant, in the spirit of the Mexican depictions of the Tree Of Life. That image is a good reminder of the abundance and over-the-top, ridiculous colour that nature provides, a vividness we see everyday in the tropical flora and birdlife of the Top End environment.

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Mural Location: Nightcliff Village, off Oleander Street

'Tree of Life' by Marita Albers
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