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Justine McAllister

Melbourne based Justine McAllister is an illustrator, artist and muralist. Specialising in large-scale murals and digital illustration, her pieces are bold, playful and almost always centred around a sense of a character.
After studying Fine Art at the Victorian College of the arts, Justine transitioned into the world of illustration which led her to produce work for client-based projects, advertising, private commission and large-scale mural jobs.
Most recently, Justine’s works are an amalgamation of her Fine Art background intertwined with aesthetics inspired from pop culture, vintage illustration, comic books and animation.


“I always used to draw mermaids when we went to the coast as a family. It must have been the rare change of scenery that sparked the need to draw them on repeat. The notion of the mermaid has been a subject of fascination and story telling for centuries and in many cultures. Depictions of them appeared in Greek and Roman mythology, Indian, Asian and Scandinavian folklore and also took form as a ‘Yawkyawk’ which was a word from the Kuninjku-Kunwok language of Western Arnhem Land.

The design depicted shows a contemplative mermaid in the water in front of a vibrant and abstracted tropical coastal landscape. The bold and gestural white lines are an aesthetic prevalent in my work and suggest that the piece is created by hand.”

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Mural Location: West Lane, rear wall of Hilton Darwin, Darwin City

Justine McAllister
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